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202i La Jolla Open 2.0!

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It's Your Turn

It's time for Southern Calfornia's Learn to Skate and Compete USA skaters to compete! We're happy to offer this "La Jolla Open 2.0" competition to cover the levels and events that we could not include in 

In 2021, we've kept small, local, and socially distanced. We want to recognize chief registrar Carylyn Landt and event chair Idoia Subinas, and our club volunteers who are making this second installment of the La Jolla Open possible.


D.A. Davidson Wealth Management, Augustine Design Group, Cynthia Slawter Photography and Hurd Video Productions have each made generous donations. Thank you for supporting figure skating in Southern California. Thank you as well to Joe and Irina Polonsky and UTC Skating School director Heather Cristobal, who make UTC Ice a wonderful rink to call home.

To our competitors:

Best of luck!
Skate well, have fun, and join us again in 2022!



Janice Ridenour

President, La Jolla FSC Board of Governors