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  1. Go to the EntryEeze testing registration page for La Jolla Figure Skating Club.

  2. Click on <Access My Account> and enter email address and password. 

  3. Click on the <Test Sessions> tab and click on <Click Here to Register>

  4. Select the skater's name from the drop-down menu, then  select the test he/she is taking.

    If the skater is taking a Moves in the Field test, make sure to select the correct level (standard, adult, or masters.) Children take standard-level tests.


  5. Once this section is complete, select your skater's coach. You do not need to enter the skater's U.S. Figure Skating membership number. Coaches' names may also be entered manually.

That's it!

For additional assistance, contact the La Jolla FSC membership chair.

Test Reg Info Skater and Test Screenshot
Test Reg Info Coach Screenshot.png
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