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Junior Board



Emily Ginsberg
Alice Wang
Katie Stanley
Mariana Ortega
Isabel Lai
Karni Derderian
Kelly Diep
Aimee DesRosiers-Kutchuk 
Avery Gallagher
Nora Boumsellek
Naisha Patel
Kaitlyn Twamley
Erika Nelson

Our Junior Board is a small but dedicated team of La Jolla Figure Skating Club members in grades 7 through 12 who:

• volunteer at the La Jolla Open and other club events.

• communicate between our school-age skaters and the board.

• encourage new skaters to join the club.

• plan events that make our skating community more fun, friendly, and supportive of every skater's experience.

Junior Board meetings are usually held the first Saturday of each month at 8 a.m. Check with a Junior Board member for schedule changes. All club members ages 18 and under may observe!

Junior Board members are selected each summer by a special committee of the La Jolla Figure Skating Club Board of Directors, none of whom have relatives applying to join Junior Board. 


Eligible members who intend to apply for Junior Board are encouraged to attend and volunteer at club events throughout the preceding year, and to sit in at Junior Board meetings when possible.


For more information about Junior Board, talk to a Junior Board member or our Junior Board advisor Michelle Twamley.

Junior Board Guidelines

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