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2020 Annual Meeting

Club members of all ages and their parents joined in on Zoom video on July 16 for the annual meeting of our general membership! In addition to taking stock of the current status of the club, the meeting included:

Palm Trees
Annual Meeting: 2019-20 Year in Review & Planning Ahead

Membership chair Idoia Subinas tells us that we have 91 members -- only four fewer than this time last year, which is great under the circumstances.  We have reduced membership fees significantly, even though our payments to U.S. Figure Skating remain the same. More members will also join throughout the year -- our final count last year was 136. 


La Jolla FSC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our main sources of income include portions of annual membership dues, competition fees, donations, and sponsorships for the La Jolla Open. Testing sessions often cost the club more than we recoup in testing fees.

Our main expenditures include expenses for the Open, ice time rental, payments to U.S. Figure Skating for our members' registration and testing fees, storage fees, tax preparation, donations to members in the form of honorariums, subsidized memberships for lifetime members, and scholarships, and events that encourage community and recognize our skaters, such as the Awards Gala. 

If we have any members who are CPAs willing to do our very simple tax returns on a pro bono basis, we recently lost the volunteer who did them free or very low cost for many years.

This year, we were not able to bring in sponsors for the Open as we had hoped to fully offset the costs of our Gala, and we also reduced membership costs which cut into our income.  We still managed the club's funds responsibly and meet our needs with minimal expenses to maintain the club's continuity and security.


Susan McCasland holds the position of club SafeSport chair for her third year. This year all board members will complete both Safesport certification and background checks. We follow SafeSport guidelines at all club events, including the Open.


The La Jolla Open did not happen this year for what we think is only the second time since it began around 1980. (The other time was in the mid 90s when the rink was closed for construction and maintenance, according to our Test Chair Cary Landt, who competed in the Open in 1986.)

Even though the  Open was cancelled, we were well into the preparations and winding it down took negotiation with vendors and managing refunds to skaters.  We're optimistic that we will be ready for a strong return in 2021!


Testing Sessions were held this year as normal through February. In March, sessions were canceled and have not been held since. We are currently working with UTC Ice to set up make-up test sessions and as many new sessions as we can. 


Last November we brought back the club tradition of an annual awards event that the club has been missing since before most of our skaters joined. The 2019 Skater Recognition Gala, attended by over 150 people, was an enormous success. 

Coaches recognized each of their students, and awards were announced for our Qualifying Regionals competitor, the inaugural Get Up, Silver Blade, and Junior Board Superstar awards, our U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalists, and Club Skaters of the Year.


Heather, our CEO Joe Polonsky, and Toni Rivera-Watson are always a joy to work with. They have worked tirelessly this spring to create a safe setup with safety protocols that meet the reopening requirements for ever-changing state and local public health orders.​​ Let's thank them by using their system to keep the rink free from outbreaks.


Right now our goal is to bring back testing -- there are plenty of skaters ready to make up for lost time in Freestyle and Moves in the Field tests. The dates may be in the afternoon or on weekends depending on what we can set up.

We'd like to do an exhibition event in conjunction with UTC Ice, and we're looking into ways to make that happen safely and successfully.

Our Junior Board may be looking into some fun options for awards recognition that fit into our current lifestyles.

We've narrowed our focus to the core goals of the club, which are to keep skaters active and on the ice, building skills and meeting their goals.

We want to remind you that adult members and parents of minor members may observe monthly meetings or address the board. Our meetings will be held by Zoom video for the near future.

Our younger skating members can communicate with the board through our Junior Board members.

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